3G / 4G WiFi Novatel 6620L + antenna kit 21 dB

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A brief description
Type of
Router (no connection)
Maximum data reception rate
150 Mbps
All the features

A ready-made kit for self-installation mobile Internet 3G / 4G Internet in the village. All equipment is already set up, you just need to fix and point the antenna. All inclusive:

3G / 4G WiFi router Novatel 6620L,

directional antenna 21 dBi (effective when installed at a distance of up to 20 km from the base station),

HF cable RG58 (10 meters),

Antenna adapter TS9.

Description of the set Internet in the village WiFi 4G CDMA Novatel 6620L + antenna 21 dB + cable 10 m + adapter

The set is built on the basis of the Novatel 6620L dual-standard 3G / 4G WiFi router - a reliable, trouble-free device that works with all Ukrainian operators (Intertelecom, Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell). Novatel 6620L is powered by a 4000mAh rechargeable battery, which provides a battery life of up to 15 hours. To get access to the Internet in a village, you just need to install an antenna, connect the cable via an adapter to a WiFi router and turn on the device. We have already made all the settings for the operator's network, the kit is completely ready to work "out of the box".

Specifications 3G / 4G WiFi Novatel 6620L:

WiFi range: up to 10 m

Number of simultaneously connected devices via WiFi: up to 10

WiFi technology: 802.11 n / g / b / a

WiFi frequency: 2.4GHz and 5GHz

Operator support: Kyivstar, Vodafone, Lifecell, Intertelecom

Frequency Band: GSM / UMTS / HSPA + 900/1800/1900 / 2100MHz, 4G: 700 / 1800MHz, CDMA: 800MHz,

Maximum data reception speed: up to 150 Mbps in 4G mode, up to 14.7 Mbps in CDMA

External antenna connector: yes

Rechargeable battery: 4000 mAh

Power Bank working mode can be charged

Directional antenna 21dB all frequencies

The set "3G / 4G Internet in the village WiFi Novatel 6620L with an antenna 21dB":

3G WiFi router Novatel 6620L - 1 pc.

Directional R-net antenna 21 dB - 1 pc.

Coaxial cable RG-58 - 10 m

Antenna adapter (pigtail) - 1 pc.

Directional antenna 21 dB allows you to strengthen the operator's signal, increase the speed and stability of 3G / 4G Internet outside the city at a distance of up to 20 km from the base station. When mounting the antenna, the main thing is to determine the direction and height of the antenna mounting. Taking a little time and determining the correct direction, you will get high-quality mobile Internet in the country or in the village. The antenna is made of aluminum and has a metal clamp for mounting on pipes with different diameters.


Type of
Router (no connection)
Maximum data reception rate
150 Mbps
Maximum speed of sending data
75 Mbps
What is included
Box, sales receipt (warranty card), Novatel 6620L router, 9 dbi car antenna, 10m cable, TS9 adapter.
Дополнительные характеристики
Support SMS; Output to an external antenna; Power Bank; Support for dual-band operation; Standards: 4G, LTE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA +, Rev.A, Rev.B, LTE-FDD; Protocol versions: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n; OS support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux; Battery: 4000 mah; Number of connections: 15
95х67х19.3 mm
Standards support
There is an internal connector for an external antenna.
12 months
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