Ajax CombiProtect Black Wireless Motion and Glass Break Sensor

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1,599 грн.

A brief description
Detection Object
Traffic;Breaking up
Detection Range (response threshold)
Movement: up to 12 mGlass breaking: 9 m
All the features

The Ajax CombiProtect wireless sensor is designed to detect human movement and detect glass breaking in a guarded room.

The sensor has adjustable sensitivity and is able to ignore pets weighing up to 20 kg and growing up to 50 cm. The principle of the sensor is based on the determination of infrared (IR) radiation from a living creature. Every living creature, including humans, is a source of infrared radiation. As soon as the sensor detects such radiation, it analyzes the mass of a living object, and if it exceeds 20 kg, sends an alarm signal to the central security alarm unit via a radio channel. A special algorithm for processing the incoming signal provides an additional verification of the object regarding the mass and the presence of movement, which minimizes false positives from moving pets. Thus, the sensor is triggered only when detecting human movement. Also, the sensor does not respond to the movement of inanimate objects. If in the room, for example, a jacket falls off the hanger, or a draft opens the interior door, the sensor will not work.

Thanks to a special microphone, the sensor detects and registers specific low-frequency and high-frequency sounds that occur when glass is broken. In the event that glass is broken in a protected room, the sensor picks up these sounds and sends an alarm signal to the central alarm unit via a radio channel. Using a unique multi-stage analysis, the sensor responds exclusively to the sound of broken glass, ignoring other loud sounds. The sensor can be used to detect glass breaking in apartments, houses, shops, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, banks, schools, studios, warehouses and other premises.

Ajax CombiProtect is equipped with an efficient wireless radio system that uses message encryption and anti-fraud protection. This provides excellent security for alarms from hacking attempts. In addition, the sensor has an ultramodern highly reliable communication system that allows it to operate successfully within several floors of the business center or at a distance of up to 2000 m in an open area from the central alarm unit.

CombiProtect can be used to protect any objects: apartments, private houses, cottages, offices, shops, warehouses, industrial premises. The advantage of this sensor is its convenient and extremely easy independent installation using smart mounts; for installation, the user does not need to disassemble the sensor itself.


  • Easy to install and configure without special knowledge
  • Mounting the sensor using smart mounts is convenient and will not damage the repair
  • Regularly transmits a low battery signal to the central unit
  • Information transmitted by the sensor is protected from interception and attempted substitution
  • The maximum distance between the sensor and the central unit is 2000 m in direct visibility
  • Uses a general-purpose frequency of 868 MHz for signal transmission, which does not require a license to use
  • Detects movement at a distance of up to 12 m and the sound of glass breaking - up to 9 m
  • Ignores pets weighing up to 20 kg, height up to 50 cm
  • Does not work on random movements of inanimate objects
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Adaptive adjustment of the transmission power, depending on the distance to the central unit, allows you to consume less battery power
  • Digital temperature compensation provides high sensitivity of the sensor even at room temperature close to the temperature of the human body
  • Tamper proof
  • Powered by CR123A battery up to 7 years
  • Works with Ajax ocBridge Wireless Signal Receiver


Detection Object
Traffic;Breaking up
Detection Range (response threshold)
Movement: up to 12 mGlass breaking: 9 m
Maximum distance between sensors and control panel
Mounting height
2.4 м
Mounting type
Operating temperature range
От 0° до +50
Pet Immunity
До 20 кг
Possibility of external use
Tamper protection
Type of
Vertical angle of detection
Working humidity
До 80%
Горизонтальный угол детектирования
110 х 65 x 50
24 mounth
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