Novatel 6620L

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2,690 грн

A brief description
Type of
Router (no connection)
Maximum data reception rate
150 Mbps
All the features

Novatel Jetpack 6620L is a universal Wi-Fi router that operates both in CDMA and GSM networks.

High speed

Support for 3G DC-HSPA + standard provides a maximum speed of 42.2 Mbps. CDMA Rev. Standards A and CDMA Rev. B device operates at a speed of 3.1 Mbit / s and, accordingly, 14.7 Mbit / s. Both technologies complement each other, as GSM networks provide great speed capabilities, and CDMA networks provide a stable connection throughout the country. This model also supports 4G LTE technology, but the router in this technology does not work in Ukraine, but only in some foreign countries.

External antenna

In case of poor coverage, this model provides an option to connect an external antenna. This will not only stabilize the signal level, but also increase it to the maximum allowable mark provided for in this router. There are several reasons why you may need to connect an additional antenna:

features of the relief (mountain and hilly terrain);

dense surroundings with tall buildings;

basement facilities;

remoteness from provider base stations;

villages and suburban areas

Operating frequencies and ranges

CDMA: 800 MHz;

GSM: 800/850/900/1800 MHz;

UMTS / WCDMA: 1900/2100 MHz;

LTE: 700/1700/1800 MHz

Additional information

The Novatel Jetpack 6620L is equipped with a powerful 4000 mah battery. This indicator allows you to surf the Internet for several hours continuously, as well as charge your mobile gadgets from the router thanks to the support of the Power Bank function. The device allows you to connect via Wi-Fi simultaneously to 15 users without much loss of speed. It is convenient to control the network indicator and the charge level on the OLED display, which is equipped with Novatel Jetpack 6620L.


Type of
Router (no connection)
Maximum data reception rate
150 Mbps
Maximum speed of sending data
75 Mbps
What is included
Box, sales receipt (warranty card), router,сharger
Дополнительные характеристики
Support SMS; Output to an external antenna; Power Bank; Support for dual-band operation; Standards: 4G, LTE, UMTS, HSDPA, HSUPA, HSPA +, Rev.A, Rev.B, LTE-FDD; Protocol versions: Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n; OS support: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Mac OS X, Linux; Battery: 4000 mah; Number of connections: 15
95х67х19.3 mm
Standards support
There is an internal connector for an external antenna.
12 months
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