D-Link DWR-921 3G / 4G Router

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A brief description
Функции VPN
L2TP/PPTP/IPSec VPN Pass-through
Maximum data reception rate
Shvidk_st receive the LTE: up to 100 Mb / s
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Description of the D-Link DWR-921 Router

Wireless 3G / 4G router D-Link DWR-921 is designed to organize a home Internet network via cable or wifi internet.

To get started, you just need to insert a SIM card and organize general access to the Internet connection via a secure wireless network or using any of the four 10/100 Mbps Ethernet ports. For data protection at the time of connection, the WPA, WPA2, WEB, and 802.1x encryption protocols are responsible. After establishing a connection, users can transfer files, streaming media and send SMS messages.

The configuration and management of the router is carried out using the Web-interface, which is very convenient and easy even for beginners.

The D-Link DWR-921 router supports the type of data transmission according to the 802.11n standard at a frequency of 2.4 GHz with the ability to switch to 3G and 4G LTE modes with the maximum available data transfer rate (on a wireless channel) of 150 Mbps.

The device is equipped

- port WAN 10 / 100BASE-TX;

- 4 LAN ports 10 / 100BASE-TX, which operate at a stable maximum available speed of 100 Mbps;

- button WPS (Wi-Fi Protected Srtup), designed for automatic fast and safe installation of wireless equipment;

- a slot for installing a SIM card of an existing telecom operator.

In addition, 2 external removable antennas are used to increase the possible radius of data transfer. They will allow you to transmit a signal at a distance from the location of the device more than 5 km. Moreover, the speed even at such a great distance will remain extremely high and quite sufficient for high-quality and productive work.


D-Link DWR-921 allows its use as

* router;


* NAT (Network Address Translation) - IP address replacement;

* DNS (Domain Naim System) - conversion of character and numeric addresses;

* SPI (Stateful Packet System) - additional check of packets for belonging to an existing connection;

* Demilitarized DMZ zone (Demilitarized Zone) - an additional opportunity to provide access to the internal servers located behind the router and protected by NAT;

* Dynamic routing protocols such as RIP v1 and v2;

* Support for dynamic DHCP server address.

Additionally, for the convenience of monitoring the basic functions, the router is equipped with several LED sensors that indicate the presence of power, Internet connection, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WAN, SMS, as well as the functioning of 3G and 4G channels.

The DWR-921 is equipped with a dual firewall (SPI and NAT) to prevent potential attacks from the Internet and protect a wired connection. WPA / WPA2 and WEP encryption protocols provide wireless network protection, which allows you to organize secure shared access to a 3G / 4G connection without fear that unauthorized users will gain access to the network.


Функции VPN
L2TP/PPTP/IPSec VPN Pass-through
Maximum data reception rate
Shvidk_st receive the LTE: up to 100 Mb / s
Maximum speed of sending data
LTE data rate: up to 50 Mbps
frequency range
LTE frequency band - 900/1800/2600/800 MHz
• 4 LAN ports 10/100 Mb / s• 1 WAN port (with roses RJ-45)• 2 signs 3G / 4G antennas
6 months
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