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5,999 грн.

A brief description
Built-in siren
Existence of a reserve dialer on a telephone line
All the features

Hub Plus is a second-generation intelligent central with four communication channels, a new powerful processor, three times the amount of RAM and double the amount of flash memory. Hub Plus monitors the operation of all Ajax sensors and instantly alerts the alarm system owner and security company.

Authentication to prevent forgery

Jam alert, communication encryption

Tamper Tamper

Protects over large areas

Hub Plus is designed to protect large objects with many rooms and people. The new powerful processor and increased memory capacity expanded the capabilities of the central: up to 150 sensors and 50 cameras are connected to the hub, you can add 99 users and create 25 groups to control the security of the premises.

For home and apartment

For office

For shop and cafe

Sends alarms in the maximum number of ways

Hub Plus is the absolute champion in the number of communication channels: the central unit is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, Ethernet, WCDMA and GSM. Together, this provides an extremely stable connection and instant alarm sending to the owner’s smartphone and security control panel.

Alarms on a call, in SMS and push notifications

Synchronous operation of all communication channels

Direct connection with security panels

Increases mobile stability by 4 times

Hub Plus has a GSM module with slots for two SIM cards with support for 2G and 3G. Now you can use the cards of two different operators and not be afraid of interruptions in communication. The hub instantly switches between 2G and 3G networks. If one SIM card does not respond, the second is automatically activated.

Provides More Reliability

Hub Plus makes it possible to reserve an Internet connection by connecting the central to the networks of two independent providers: the main via Ethernet, and the backup via Wi-Fi. If one of the providers fails, the hub will stay in touch and continue to monitor the situation at the facility.

Simplifies installation and installation

The Wi-Fi module has appeared in the Hub Plus, so now it is not necessary to lay the cable to connect to the router. Central is ready to work out of the box. It is configured using a mobile application, and the sensors are connected in one click. Mounts in minutes with the SmartBracket.

Mounts in 5 minutes

It is located in any room with a Wi-Fi signal.

Mobile application for settings and tests


Built-in siren
Existence of a reserve dialer on a telephone line
Frequency of wireless sensors
Maximum distance between sensors and control panel
Maximum number of connected wireless devices
Operating temperature range
-10 - +40
Type of
What is included
Ajax Hub Plus intelligent control panel;SmartBracket mounting panel;Power cable;Ethernet cable;Mounting kit;SIM cards (depending on the sales region);Instruction
Дополнительные характеристики
Video surveillance: up to 50 cameras or video recorders;Maximum number of users: 99;Maximum number of rooms: 50;Maximum number of groups: 25
24 mounth
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