Ajax Relay, dry contact, for instrument control

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1,188 грн

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Operating temperature range
0°C - +64°C
Type of
Control devices
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Ajax Relay dry contact wireless relay is used for remote control of household appliances. The device allows you to remotely turn on and off devices powered by a 7-24 V DC power supply with a total power of not more than 3 kW. It can work as a button or toggle switch. The relay housing is designed for installation in junction boxes, electrical panels, in switchgear housings. The device works as part of the Ajax system.

Module Features:

  • Allows you to turn on and off the devices connected to Ajax Relay remotely using the iOS / Android mobile application or browser
  • Keeps in touch with Ajax Hub at a distance of up to 1000 meters (subject to direct visibility)
  • It has the function of pulsed control mode
  • To control the performance, it responds with a period of 12 seconds
  • Remote antenna for improved reception
  • Operating voltage range: 7 - 24 V
  • Saves settings after power outages
  • Built-in surge protection and overheating
  • Installed in standard boxes, electrical panels, switchgear housings


Operating temperature range
0°C - +64°C
Type of
Control devices
Working humidity
не более 75%
Дополнительные характеристики
Generation: second generation Ajax;Communication Standard: 868.42 MHz;Transmission radio frequency: 868.42 MHz;Range of transmission of a wireless signal: 1000 m;Ability to support scripts / schedules: yes;Management through: application on Android, application on iOS;Protection class: IP20;Black colour;Supply voltage: DC 7 - 24 V
38 х 25 х 18
24 mounth
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