Ajax Transmitter Wireless Module for Integrating Third-Party Sensors

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Operating temperature range
25°С ~ +50°С
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The wireless Ajax Transmitter module allows you to connect sensors with a wired output to the Ajax security system. The module transmits an alarm and warns about the tamper of the external sensor. The device is powered by batteries, the built-in accelerometer protects against dismantling. The transmitter can provide power to the connected external sensor. The Ajax Transmitter module works only with the Ajax security system; connection to third-party security systems through the uartBridge or ocBridge Plus modules is not provided.

Place the Ajax Transmitter module inside the wired sensor housing. Landing dimensions for the module with mounting racks: at least 100x39x29 mm. If the dimensions do not allow the Transmitter to be installed inside the sensor, use a radio-transparent housing.

Module Features:

  • It can be used outdoors and indoors;
  • Works with wired and standalone sensors with wired output;
  • The sensor regularly transmits test signals to the central unit, the polling period of the sensors is configured (from 12 to 300 seconds);
  • Shows the battery level in the mobile application;
  • The information transmitted by the sensor is protected from interception, jamming and attempted substitution;
  • The maximum distance between the sensor and the central unit is 1600 m in direct visibility;
  • Protection against dismantling by accelerometer;
  • Sensor connection: ALARM and TAMPER (NO / NC) terminals.


Operating temperature range
25°С ~ +50°С
Type of
Working humidity
не более 80%
What is included
Wireless module: 1 pc;Battery type CR123A: 3 pcs;Mounting Kit: 1 pc;Installation and Operation Manual: 1 pc
Дополнительные характеристики
Generation: second generation Ajax;Modulation: FM;Operating frequency: 868 MHz;Signal transmission range: 1600 m;Maximum number of connected devices: 1;Protection against dismantling: accelerometer;Supply voltage: 3 CR123A batteries, 3 V
100 x 39 x 22
24 mounth
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