Radio-controlled smart socket with energy meter Ajax Socket White

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Operating temperature range
От 0 до +64 °С
Type of
Radio signal
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Radio-controlled socket with electricity meter

Ajax Socket - a smart socket for controlling home appliances: turns on and off the power of electrical appliances by clicking in a mobile application, protects equipment from breakdowns, helps reduce electricity bills and performs simple automation scenarios.

What a smart socket can do

Using Socket, you can control the equipment remotely by sending commands through Ajax applications: turn on and turn off lighting, start household appliances and climate equipment, automatically cut off the power supply to electrical appliances when arming or disarming the Ajax security system.

Keeps communication over long distances

The smart socket keeps in touch and receives commands from the Ajax hub through the Jeweler radio protocol. It can operate at a distance of up to 1000 meters from the central security system. It does not depend on the Wi-Fi signal in the room and continues to work if the Internet is lost.

Protects equipment from burnout

Socket provides three-level protection of equipment against sudden breakdown due to problems in the power supply network. The outlet automatically shuts off the power supply when the voltage is too high or low, exceeding the permissible current parameters and overheating. Notifications of all events come in the form of SMS or push notifications to the owner’s smartphone.

Practical to use

Socket is equipped with an LED indicator, the color of which changes depending on the load. In standby mode, the smart socket consumes less than 1 Wh * h. The compact Socket housing does not overlap adjacent slots in outlets. This allows you to use all the connectors of the surge protector or splitter - Socket can easily be placed next to power supplies of any geometric shape.

Socket only works as part of the Ajax security system. Connects to the system with a few touches in Ajax applications. As soon as the LED indicator lights up, the smart socket is ready to work.

Socket Features

  • Turns on and off the power of electrical appliances
  • Passes energy information to Ajax applications
  • Stops power supply during voltage and current surges, overheating and overload
  • Notifies of interruptions in the work using SMS and push notifications
  • Displays load level with color LED
  • Consumes standby time of less than 1 Wh
  • Keeps a connection to the Ajax Hub by radio at a distance of up to 1000 meters


Operating temperature range
От 0 до +64 °С
Type of
Radio signal
Working humidity
до 75%
Дополнительные характеристики
Actuator: Electromagnetic relay;Service life: At least 200,000 shifts;Voltage protection for 230 V networks: Yes, 184–253 V;Maximum load current: 11 A (long), 13A (up to 5 seconds);Overcurrent protection: Yes, 11 A when protection is on, up to 13 A when it is off;Protection at maximum temperature: Yes, the outlet will automatically turn off when the temperature is +85 ° C;Control of energy consumption parameters: Yes - current, voltage, power consumption;Load Indication: Yes;Average power consumption of the device in standby mode: Less than 1 W * h;Frequency range 868.0-868.6 MHz;Radio signal range: Up to 1000 m (in the absence of obstacles);Protection class: IP20
65.5 х 45 х 45 мм (с вилкой)
24 mounth
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