Novatel MC996D

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A brief description
Type of
Modem (without connection)
Maximum data reception rate
3G (UMTS)up to 21.6 Mbps2G (EDGE)up to 236.8 Kbps
All the features

Novatel MC996D is a 3G USB modem designed to work in the network of mobile operators Vodafone, Kyivstar and Lifecell for Ukraine, or other operators around the world. Full support for working in 2G / 3G networks, at a maximum data transfer rate of up to 21.6 Mbit / s using HSPA technology and up to 5.76 Mbit / s during data transfer. This speed is enough for comfortable use by any Internet services: online video, downloading large files and instant display of pages. To work, you need to install any operator’s SIM card into the modem, connect it to the computer and after a few seconds it will automatically connect to the Internet, without any additional settings. Suitable for home use, trips to Ukraine or overseas travel, as well as for use in the countryside as a modem or paired with a WiFI router.

Design and Management

The Novatel MC996D 3G modem is small, compact, lightweight, fits in your trouser or shirt pocket, and you can take it with you everywhere. The case is made of high-quality glossy plastic, black. The USB connector on the swivel joint is crammed into the case. The back is a lid, under it we will find a slot for installing a SIM card, and a second slot for microSD memory cards. A full-size MiniSIM card is used from any GSM operator, for example Lifecell, Vodafone, Kyivstar or TriMob.


The modem is very easy to configure and use. To work, you just need to connect to a USB port on a computer or laptop, after a few seconds there will be an Internet connection. OS Support: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, Mac OS X, Linux.

Additional features

Novatel MC996D provides a connector for connecting an external directional antenna. This will enhance the signal in areas where there is poor operator coverage, or in the absence thereof. A great solution for residents of the countryside or outside the city, where there is no possibility of connecting a wired Internet.

Novatel MC996D - can be used in conjunction with a stationary WiFi router, which will allow you to distribute the Internet via WIFI signal to many devices at the same time. This is a great solution for organizing a WiFi network at home, in the office or in a small cafe. Compatible routers are listed in the documentation for the modem.

Dimensions Novatel MC996D: 78 x 35 x 12 mm, weight: 30 grams.


Type of
Modem (without connection)
Maximum data reception rate
3G (UMTS)up to 21.6 Mbps2G (EDGE)up to 236.8 Kbps
Maximum speed of sending data
3G (UMTS) до 12,6 Mbps2G (EDGE) до 128 Kbps
frequency range
What is included
Modem;Box;Warranty card.
Дополнительные характеристики
- Work with Ukrainian operators: Kyivstar, Vodafone, LifeCell;- Work with foreign operators: With any GSM operator;- Simultaneous connection: 1 via USB;- Connector for connecting an external antenna: Connector MS-156;- Interface: USB 2.0 (USB port);- Slot for memory cards: There is / microSD up to 32 GB;- Support for operating systems: Windows XP / 7/8 / 8.1 / 10, Mac, Linux.- Other functions: Compatible with WiFi routers.- Recommendations: It is recommended to use abroad, on ships, in cars, in areas with poor coverage.
78 х 35 х 12 mm
Standards support
Версии протоколов
6 months
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