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4G USB WiFi router Huawei E8372h-608

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A brief description
Type of
Роутер (без подключения)
Maximum data reception rate
4G (LTE) -150мб/c3G (UMTS) - до 43,2 мб/c, 2G (EDGE) до 236,8 Кбит/с,
All the features

4G USB WiFi router Huawei E8372h-608

HUAWEI E8372h-608 is a universal, powerful usb modem router that works in both gsm and lte networks.

HUAWEI E8372h-608 is very easy to use. The modem works on a standard-sized SIM card.

To start using the Internet through the Huawei E8372, you just need to install a sim card and connect the modem to a laptop or computer. No additional driver installation is required, the connection is fully automatic. Thanks to the wi-fi transmitter in Huawei E8372, it can also be used as a router.

Up to 10 devices can simultaneously use the stable network created by Huawei E8372. Connection speed does not fall even when downloading files by all users at once. The Huawei E8372 modem router is equipped with two connectors for connecting external antennas. Therefore, you can enjoy uninterrupted high-speed Internet access with the help of Huawei E8372 even in the deep countryside, where the network signal is uncertain or practically absent. Due to the support of memory cards up to 32 GB, the Huawei E8372 modem is also a mini-server. What is very convenient, because you do not need any additional drives, you can store all the necessary information on Huawei E8372 itself.


Type of
Роутер (без подключения)
Maximum data reception rate
4G (LTE) -150мб/c3G (UMTS) - до 43,2 мб/c, 2G (EDGE) до 236,8 Кбит/с,
Maximum speed of sending data
4G (LTE) - до 50мб/c3G (UMTS) - до 5,76 мб/c,
frequency range
4G Bands: B3/B7/B1/B8(FDD 1800/2600/2100/900МГц)3G Bands: 900/2100 MHz2G bands: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
What is included
коробка, товарный чек и гарантийный талон, USB модем
94 мм x 30 мм x 14 мм
Standards support
4G (WiMax)3GGSM
12 месяцев
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