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Ajax Button Black Wireless Alarm Button

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A brief description
Operating temperature range
от -10° до +40°C
Type of
Control devices
All the features

Ajax Button - wireless panic button / smart home control panel.

Alarm mode

Press the panic button to instantly call a security company patrol for help and to notify all users of the system about the danger.

Control mode

Turn off the lights, turn on household appliances, lower the roller shutters or open the gate with one touch. Button is always at hand.

Raise the alarm

Vacation home. The owners are awakened by the sound of broken glass and unfamiliar voices. They do not grab the bat, but close the door more tightly and press the panic button. Let the thief patrol the security company.

Will help

The guard patrols the site. The attacker creeps up behind, closes his mouth and does not allow to call for help. Even in this situation, the patrolman presses the panic button and calls for reinforcements.

Prevent Robbery

The robber demands to put money in a package. The seller does not resist and opens the cash register. Silently pressing the panic button, he raises a silent alarm. An attacker will not leave the store with money.

Protect children

They rang the doorbell and demanded to let me in. Children at home themselves. They know that strangers cannot be opened, and they press the panic button. Ajax turns on a siren, warns parents and a security company.

No random alarms

Thanks to the thoughtful design, the Ajax Button will not work, even if you sit on it or lie down. And for additional protection against false alarms, the button can be configured to operate by double or long pressing.

Guaranteed alarm

Button transmits a signal to the hub via a two-way Jeweler radio protocol at a distance of up to 1300 m. And it shows an LED that the command has been delivered. Jeweler protects the transmitted data with encryption and eliminates device forgery. In the event of interference or an attempt to jam, the Ajax system switches to a free radio frequency, notifying you and the security company about the situation.

Signal range up to 1300 m

Team Delivery Confirmation

Modified AES encryption

Radio frequency hopping

Connects in a minute

Scan the QR code using the Ajax application - the button is connected to the hub. After that, you can attach it to a keychain, hang it on the neck or stick it on a complete double-sided tape anywhere in the house, office or store.

1. Scan the QR code

2. Name the button

3. Keep handy


Operating temperature range
от -10° до +40°C
Type of
Control devices
What is included
Panic Button;CR2032 battery (pre-installed);Double-sided adhesive tape;Instruction manual
47 х 35 х 13
24 mounth
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